Thursday, September 25, 2014

Comfort Zone

God of all comfort? ... 2 Corinthians 1..

Comfort? Comfort? Thanks but may I politely decline.

I don’t understand if it’s that you can’t see me.

See that I’m hunting... and I need saving.


Ok let me explain just in case you don’t see that

... they hurt me bad and

... they’re making me mad

It’s like they are sucking my soul through a straw

And I thought Pastor said that everything you saw.

I might as well be on death row

‘cause your silence is like a noose


I’m looking for the God of Elijah..

To rain down fire on those who defy me

I’m looking for the God of Moses..

To part the rivers of pain that drown me

I’m looking for the God of Ezekiel..

To breath back life into my dry bones

I’m looking for the God of Daniel..

‘Cause the furnace is being prepped and the lions are hungry

I’m looking for the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & Joseph..


To take this cup away from me.

Yes not YOUR will, but MINE be done.

They include:

Give me dancing for my mourning

Exchange my tears of sorrow for joy

Give me peace without anxiety

And Give them to me NOW.


Because I ask all these in your name JESUS and I know good things alone are your portion for me. J


Finally I hear you speak and you say:

‘My grace is Sufficient  for you, as My strength is made perfect in your weakness...

Contort not my words dear child for I promise to Comfort you in your troubles as you share in My sufferings.


For I gave up my only son, flawless without a spot or blemish to be executed for your ungrateful self. That you may be awarded the freedom you neither work for nor deserve. And you may be called joint heirs with Christ.


So before you go on preaching to me my word, remember my WORD was born, beaten, bled and died for you and was resurrected so you can have the unrestricted uninterrupted access to chat to me without the fear of being struck down from heaven as in the days of Moses, Elijah & Ezekiel. For I know the end from the beginning, because I am the alpha and omega. And while you were still in sin I gave to die in your place. So like Christ’ undeserved suffering, yours also has a purpose.’


Now I embrace my suffering and I boast of my weaknesses for his master plan ... is that my experience makes me qualified to comfort you
Copyright Sweetestruby2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

The New Normal

We decided our future

We ordained our fate

We remoulded our mindsets

We adjusted our attitudes

Society was full of contradictions

Impossible idealistic pressures for the benefit of our puppet masters

The money lenders keep us bound in chains impulsive shopping, pay day loans & credit card by making us want to compete with our sisters

The wedding industry is milking brides while divorce attorneys stand by waiting

Food industry pressure us away from natural foods with lies, and health insurance & medical bills isn’t cheap

We aim for the top, and chastised when we get there

No support if you break the normal

Cos the wealthy control what should be normal

They dictate how we should think- targeted marketing

Our lifestyle- celebrity

Whom we should like – network marketing

And encourage envy – social media


This isn’t reality, we were enclosed in a cocoon and we don’t realise.

Break away from the zombie mentality,

Reach out and think beyond what you think you are capable of.

Women are constantly torn in several different directions with high expectations and no room for failure

Help a sister on your way. Everyone life path is different; we are all team mates with different functions.

Appreciate your sisters & kill competition.

Let’s make up a New Normal


Friday, January 31, 2014

We are 100

One hundred years ago this great nation was born. Not by choice, but it was destiny.

Nigeria, Africa’s Giant, filled with diversity in culture, beliefs but unified under our ‘green-white-green’.

United we stand, divided we fall. Giants can be easily seen from afar. Nigeria is on the world’s stage. Together we can rule strong but hate will rot us all from the inside out. The enemy is out there, not within, if we kill our brothers, on the day of real adversity who will fight with and for you? When no one is left, we will be destroyed by a finger flick.

Our diverse tribes are our beauty! It shows of our glory. Everyone of us has value, we need to build each other up. The strongest athlete is one who is completely healthy in every part of their body.

Internal deception, internal ignorance & internal hate are foolishness.

Our diverse beliefs show our ability to accept change.

We are giants on the worlds stage, the world is watching, waiting. They will laugh if we fall, they will cheer if we stand. We can choose to be a light.

It’s said that choices determine the results, and this has been proven in your very life.

Then, we can choose to change our fate. We can choose to stop eating the poison being fed for decades past. We can choose not to cheat for personal gain. We can choose to genuinely offer help to those in need. We can choose to use our influence to build our communities. We can choose to combine forces, manpower to improve our businesses and our future. We can choose to ignore the sound of our neighbour’s last names and see every one as green-white-green. Brothers & sisters with the same goal – to have a better tomorrow. We can choose to make our leaders accountable.

We are ONE people.  We are the same people. We have the same goal. We are green-white-green. We are Nigerians.  We are 100. There is a real enemy and it is not within us.  It’s in the ignorance & poverty killing our people.


We must protect our legacy.

We must protect our unity.

We must protect our Name.


©SweetestRuby 2014

Unfinished Words

When did this love become mere words?

It’s like am pushing uphill against the forces

My arms are shacking, my being weak

Oh won’t you come carry me

You said you loved me, and I’m quoting words.

You should have said no, am not placing blame

I dunno how much more we both could take,

It seems we’re bursting at the seams.


When I was with you, I couldn’t wait to get away

Now I’m away just wish you were close

I hold myself from calling your name

I hold my stare until the moment before you look my way

I dial your number only in my mind

I know this is the way I paved myself

The cards I dealt us both

I don’t know what I expected because you fought for me

But I want more and yet I still want you

There’s nothing now I see I could ever do

Paralysed to make a move

Cos I just can’t tell you how I feel

Like I’m waiting till you’re gone forever

Maybe with wise hair, I’ll tell a tale or two

Shout it Out

I think it’s time for me to SHOUT OUT!!

I’ve been going crazy from all of the lies

I know you couldn’t hear my screams behind my own smile

But I’m here to say I need help and I need you.


The way our love turned sour left me in a daze

Because it all happened all too quick, I thought it was a weird game

Our stars burnt out and turned into dust.

No one could have predicted this, not even I

 You had me so gone and I had you. I had your heart.

Now your gentle touches leave me discoloured and bruised,

Your tight embrace makes me literally lose my breath.

An apple they say keeps the doctor away,

You sweep me of my feet twice a day,  hence the doctor I fear is here to stay.

 I come crashing down, as I keep falling for you. 


A broken heart has no cure

This poem was written by my talented niece, Anu. It's based on the recent story in the news about the Woman with the mummified baby...

A broken heart has no cure

Six years ago I gave birth to a devil of a son,
He left me with sleepless nights; I’m glad he’s gone,
He screeched and cried in his cot,
I had no choice but to let him rot.

I was just one when she first left me alone,
She taught me neglect is worse than a broken bone,
I called for her, pleaded for her, but she never came,
Left me abandoned, I’ll never be the same.

I had to leave all my friends for a baby boy,
I had to spend some of my money on his silly toy,
I tried my best to love him, I really did,
I figured there's no need to waste my time on a stupid kid.

She said she loved me, did she really care?
When she yanked me up by my chestnut hair,
She fed me hatred and left me shattered,
When she got angry it was me she battered.

I got fed up, his cute act, I definitely wasn’t buying,
So I did what I had to do and left him there dying,
Kammy was his name, I wouldn’t say it if I dared,
He was a mistake, it’s not like I really cared.

She looked at me with disgust; she tossed me in the bin,
When people came she locked me away and said I wasn’t in,
She chewed me up and spat me out like I was stale gum,
Amy was her name the woman that treated me like a scum.

Now I sit here in a cell feeling what he felt,
Abandoned by the world I'm set alight to melt,
I know I was mean; I have a reason for being cruel,
But everybody’s starting to treat me like a fool.

It’s one thing to be abused another to be abandoned,
Every time you hear the lock turn you’re instantly frightened,
I learnt a lesson from this, I certainly am sure,
You see broken bones can heal but a broken heart has no cure.

(c) Sweetest Ruby 2014

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How do you know ?

How do i know? I saw the signs...
You know how there's that one person u always want around u,
that you always want to speak to,
that will always has your back.
Breathing in the same air as them makes you giddy,
being around them makes u smile,
holding them makes u feel safe..
And no matter what they do you still think highly of them..

Well that's how I know